I have questions about flood insurance. It's complicated!

No kidding.

We're still building out this part of the site, but in the meantime, you can click the link below to learn more about how to file a flood insurance claim and contact the national flood insurance program (NFIP).

Information for NFIP Policyholders

AS YOU PREPARE TO FILE, follow these tips! (From a real CPA)

  1. Document everything. Try to take pictures before/after of all items within your house. Include low dollar amount items. Those things will add up to hundreds of dollars. 
  2. If you can organize those items into a spreadsheet it will help your claim get processed faster. Be detailed in your documentation by including the brand and/or model number. For example if you just state "blender" you might get $10-20, but if you listed "Vitamix blender" you may get $70. An individual claim adjudicator will be working your case and the easier you make it for them the faster the process will go. 
  3. DO NOT LIE on your insurance claims. This is grounds to invalidate your entire claim. With the high amount of claims that will get filed, insurance companies will do their due diligence to not pay more than needed. If its a valid claim, please claim it, but do not let greed cause you to get nothing. 
  4. Document your communications with the insurance company, whether it be via email or phone call. If you are on the phone document a summary of what was discussed. 
  5. If you get repairs done on your house, document the expenses by line item. Have the contractor break out the cost. Having one bill that says "flood damage - $15K" is going to take a lot longer to get processed than a detailed spreadsheet.

If you have questions, Shafeeq Assa CPA is happy to help!

Reach him at ShafeeqEssa@gmail.com and put "Harvey Claims" in the subject line!


For flood and hurricane victims from TX State Bar President-Elect: Important changes affecting property damage claims under Texas Insurance Law will go into effect on Friday, September 1, 2017.

To take advantage of current Texas Insurance Law protecting property owners’ with regard to damage claims resulting from HURRICANE HARVEY, policyholders should send a written message or email directly to their insurance company that (1) specifically references their claim; AND (2) is dated BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2017. Telephone messages will not suffice to give written notice. KEEP A HARD COPY OF WHAT IS SENT.

Reason why it needs to be before September 1 below: